Protecting the Firefighter with Specialized Equipment

Equipment used by firefighters is crucial to their safety. Unlike other official uniforms, theirs must protect them from fire, smoke, hot ash and embers. Any inch of their body that is exposed to the heat or flames of a fire means an injury that can be very serious. Firefighters rely heavily on their equipment and uniforms and cairns most firefighters have preferences for what they would prefer to use. New developments are happening every day to improve equipment and apparel for firefighters. There are national conventions for introducing new equipment and technology to the firefighting community. Any new innovation to keep a firefighter safe and reduce injuries is welcomed by firefighters everywhere.

The firefighter’s helmet is a very important component to their protection. It must protect their head, eyes, nose, ears and neck. There are three main types of helmets in use today. The Leatherhead is constructed of only leather and, although it is more of the old fashioned type, it is superior in heat resistance. Because there is no shield attached to the Leatherhead, goggles must be worn with the Leatherheads to protect the eyes. Leatherheads are mostly used in typical fires.


The second type is a Structural helmet. The Structural helmet is composed of composite materials. These helmets offer a more hardened service and therefore are used when structural damage to a building is feared. Goggles must be worn with this type of helmet just as the Leatherhead. The third type is the European style that is shaped somewhat like the blast shield of the Star Wars movies. It has a design that is more protective and has a shield that covers the eyes so no goggles are necessary. Cairns Helmets come in all three styles with several models available for each style.

Fire Fighting Equipment is more than just helmets. There are the boots, apparel, gloves, responder bags, Portable Fire Equipment and Wetland Equipment. Firefighting is always dangerous no matter what degree of fire is being fought. Anything imaginable can happen when these brave souls put their lives on the line to help others. The specialized equipment needed to combat a fire becomes a part of the firefighter’s life and most will say they have preferences in equipment models and manufacturers. This equipment is relied upon by the firefighter to protect and save their lives, so it naturally stands to reason that choosing the right equipment is important to them.


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